Sellers Union Group's Book Bar Has Officially Opened

Books are inseparable youth life partner and mentor. In order to create an exclusive reading space, help employees develop good habits of lifelong reading, and promote their business progress, personal growth, and career development with knowledge, the Group has created a book bar after several months of planning and preparation. After completing the hardware construction, book donation and purchase, and borrowing rules formulation, the book bar has officially opened to internal employees within the Group who has donated books before.

The book bar is located on the third floor of Sellers Innovation Building. The building is mainly used for the construction and investment promotion of the Group's dual circulation park. In addition to the basic office area, there are also public areas including tea room, gym, yoga studio, mother-infant room and multi-functional meeting rooms, which can meet the diverse needs of employees such as relaxation, entertainment and work exchanges.

In order to collect more books that employees truly love to read, the Group invited employees to participate in the creation of the book bar. Several months ago, employees donated the books that are helpful for them, wrote their names and messages on the title pages to help borrowers engage in dialogues with the book. Eileen Fang donated three books as soon as the book donation channel opened. She stated that it is rare to donate books that are helpful to herself for others to learn, and to further expand the reading resources through effective recommendations from other colleagues. As of now, employees have voluntarily donated thousands of books, forming a book pool with their own characteristics and wisdom. At the same time, the Group has also purchased over 500 high-quality books, including economy & management, social sciences, Chinese literature, foreign literature, history & geography, popular science, art, life & entertainment. As a foreign trade enterprise, the Group attaches great importance to economy and management books. Through comprehensive industry peer recommendations, expert evaluations and online platform rating lists, the Group selected and purchased a batch of related books. The Group hopes that employees can use business management books as a ladder to continuously enrich industry knowledge, improve professional skills and make progress in their work career, so as to better serve trade and customers in the future.

The book bar provides a self-service borrowing and returning mechanism for readers. If readers have some problems on how to borrow and return books, there will be a professional staff in the book bar to help readers. Even if there is no need to borrow books, employees can come to the reading area of the book bar during their lunch break and enjoy an uninterrupted reading time. The book bar has received many positive reviews since the opening. Ann Weng was attracted by its quiet and comfortable environment, bright reading area and careful guidance, all of which impressed her greatly. She stated that management and psychology books are suitable for readers to enhance their professional abilities. Moreover, literature related books are more interesting and suitable for readers to relax their bodies and minds. The Group has always taken employees' needs into account, making her feel warm.

Liz Zeng also obtained a reader's card and borrowed books on the first day of the book bar's opening. The types of books she borrowed were quite diverse, including economic books such as "Decrypting Muji", as well as foreign literature and popular science books. She said that many books in the book bar are recommended by book bloggers, which gave her the opportunity to sit down and read the books she wanted to read.

The Group hopes to encourage more employees who enjoy reading and want to make progress can use book bars as their dream starting points, make friends with books, surpass themselves through reading and learning, and become better foreign trade professionals.