Sellers Union Group Organized the Summer Open Day Activity

Recently, the Group organized the first summer open day activity for university students in 2023. More than 20 students from 13 Universities such as Ningbo University and Ningbo University of Technology, visited the Ningbo Operation Center of Sellers Union Group. Fang Yongqiang, the Vice President of the Group, Jiang Lini and Yu Miaomiao from the Human Resources Department warmly welcomed the visiting students.

The students visited the Corporate Culture Exhibition Hall and Sample Display Center to have a brief understanding of the development history, business layout, training system, talent development, and cultural activities of the Group, and experienced the working atmosphere in the Group. At the subsequent symposium, Mr. Fang had exchanges and interactions with students on the topics of development trends and career planning of the foreign trade industry. The students actively asked questions they were interested, Mr. Fang told about his personal experience and provided employment guidance for them. Miss Jiang also shared the Group's general quality standards with the students, hoping to provide some inspiration and assistance for them so that they could improve their employment competitiveness and become better persons.

After the activity, the students added the WeChat accounts of the colleagues from the Human Resources Department and submitted their resumes. Nearly a hundred students have expressed their intentions to participate in the University Open Day activities from August to September. The Human Resources Department of the Group will continue to promote the employer brand and warm up the autumn campus recruitment activities. We are looking forward to more outstanding students joining us!