What should I pay attention to when wearing Drop Earrings

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What should I pay attention to when wearing Drop Earrings?


1. Drop Earrings come in a variety of styles


In terms of structure, it can be roughly divided into pin type and ear clamp type; in terms of style, it can be divided into ear pin type and Drop Earrings type; in terms of shape, there are circular, square, triangular, irregular geometric shapes, etc. The true meaning of the art of wearing earrings is that it can be integrated with the surrounding environment, personal temperament, face shape, hairstyle, dress, etc., so as to achieve the best decorative beauty effect.


2. Drop Earrings shape and face

Drop Earrings has the effect of promoting strengths and circumventing weaknesses, which is the most prominent in the matching of the face. A round face shape complements any long style of Drop Earrings to flatter the face. People with round faces should not wear round earrings, which will make the face appear fuller. People with long faces can wear round earrings or large earrings to adjust the facial image and make the face full and moving. People with square faces are suitable for wearing small and exquisite stud earrings or long and narrow Drop Earrings, and they can also wear exaggerated large Drop Earrings to show their running personality.


3. Color matching of Drop Earrings


The color of Drop Earrings should be coordinated with the color of the dress, and the deployment of the same color system can produce a harmonious aesthetic. The contrasting color matching should be appropriate to be full of movement. The color of the earrings should also complement the skin tone. People with darker skin should not wear earrings that are too bright and bright. They can choose silver-white, such as pearl earrings, to cover up the dullness of the skin; while women with fair skin are suitable for wearing red and white earrings. Dark tone earrings complement the radiance of the complexion.