Sellers Union Group Organized Mid-year Team-building Activities

Recently, each subsidiary of Sellers Union Group held the 2020 mid-year conference to comprehensively analyze the performance growth in the first half of 2020, and emphasize the work focus of the second half of 2020.

The conference was followed by the exciting team-building activities.

Sellers Union

Under the scorching sun, everyone tried to keep the ball and water bottle from falling on the ground. Through the games, the colleagues realized the importance of teamwork more deeply.



Green Time

In order to celebrate the fourth anniversary of the establishment of Green Time, the company organized a team-building activity. The colleagues were divided into three groups, and everyone was busy blowing balloons, carrying balloons and tying balloons, which significantly strengthened the cohesive force and team cooperation ability.

In the future, Green Time will continue keeping the pace of development.



Union Source

The mid-year team-building activity of Union Source was a 2-day trip to Siming Mountain, a pleasant ecological place in Zhejiang Province. It enjoys a high reputation which can be regarded as the ‘natural oxygen bar’. The CS game was the most exciting part of the whole activity. Four teams needed to strive to 'kill' and 'eliminate' each other in the shortest time. After the game, everyone had a deeper understanding of teamwork. When the night fell, the romantic bonfire party began. Everyone gathered in a circle and danced together.


Union Vision

As a crazy and passionate team, Union Vision organized a unique team-building activity. After the dinner, there was a special music festival with balloons, lights, beer and fried chicken. Dancing in the rain also made the atmosphere more romantic.

The next day was a youthful baseball game. After a simple warm-up, the ‘war’ was about to start. After a fierce competition, the red team won the champion. Congratulations!



Union Grand

Mainly engaged in cross-border e-commerce, Union Grand is a young team whose average age is 25. The destination of their team-building activity was Zhoushan, which has the largest fishing ground and abundant marine resources in China. Sitting on the fishing boat, feeling the breeze, time seemed to stand still.



Union Deal

On the afternoon of July 23rd, Union Deal started a two-day trip to Wuzhen. Wuzhen, the town where the World Internet Conference holds, is a poetic water town of China with a history of 1,300 years.

As for the team-building part, all the teams should complete the specific tasks within limited time. Each team could choose which task to finish first hence every choice would affect the final results. The game lasted for 6 hours and everyone had a great time.



Union Home

Union Home conducted an indoor team competition. Only if give full play to the advantages of each team member could that team win the game. The indoor team competition reflected the capabilities of teamwork, communication and decision-making.



Union Service

Union Service also organized the team-building activity in Wuzhen, a beautiful land that is the representative of China's Jiangnan (south of the Yangtze River) area. The colleagues were divided into four groups. After completing various tasks, the colleagues played the ‘take off the name tag’ game in the dyed cloth exhibition area.