• Item No: BG28348
  • Desc: Ladies Cosmetic Bag
  • Size:
  • Color: Multi
  • Material: PVC
Product Description:

When we choose Ladies Cosmetic Bag, we need to touch it with our hands to see if the leather surface is very smooth, soft, and very elastic. If we find that the surface of Ladies Cosmetic Bag is very rigid, And if the flexibility is particularly poor, it also needs to be carefully selected.
Secondly, in addition to touching the surface material by hand, when we choose Ladies Cosmetic Bag, we can also see how the pattern on the surface looks like. Generally speaking, yellow cowhide has very uniform fine pores, while the pores of consumption cowhide are very coarse. The patterns of leather surfaces of different materials are also very different. This requires us to choose according to our actual needs when we choose.
In addition, in order to make a better choice of Ladies Cosmetic Bag, in addition to the above points, there is another point that needs to be paid attention to. Then, what is the price of Ladies Cosmetic Bag. If the price is too high and far exceeds your own budget, you also need to buy with caution.